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construction survey



The supervision works cover the following operations:

1. Verification planning and scheduling the works;

2. Verification the conformity of the works with the awarded projects and/or specifications;

3. Execution works supervision;

4. Quality execution control;

5. Materials and equipment quality control;

6. Execution tests and trials Supervision;

7.  Constructive means and processes, and/or application Evaluation;

8.  Measurement maps, drawn up by contractors and measurement records verification;

9.  Costs and deadlines control;

10. Developer payment invoices control and approval;

11. Working provisional acceptance approval;

12. Working final acceptance approval.


Safety coordination on site

The Coordination of Safety, Hygiene and Health in Construction covers the following works:

1. Appreciate the development and alterations of the health and safety plan for the execution of the work and, if necessary, propose to the executing entity the appropriate changes to their technical validation;

2. Analyze the suitability of the safety data sheets and, if necessary, propose to the executing entity the appropriate changes;

3. Verify the coordination of the activities of companies and self-employed persons involved in the construction yard preventing workingl risks;

4. Promote and verify compliance with the health and safety plan and other obligations of the executing entity, subcontractors and self-employed persons, in particular as regards the organization of the construction yard, the emergency system, the constraints and the areas involving special risks, special construction processes, activities that may be incompatible in time or space, and the system of communication between those involved in the work;

5. Coordinate the monitoring and it´s correct application of working methods, so they can influence the safety and health at work;

6. Promote reciprocal dissemination among everyone in the workplace and information on prevention;

7. Register safety and health coordination activities in the work book, in accordance with the applicable legal regime or, if missing, in accordance with an appropriate system of records must be established in the work;

8. Ensure that the executing entity takes the necessary measures to ensure access to the yard is reserved to authorized persons;

9. Inform the owner on a regular basis about the safety and health assessment result in the construction yard;

10. Inform the owner of it´s legal responsibilities, acording law DL 273/2003;

11. Analyze the causes of serious accidents that may occur in the constrctution yard;

12. Integrate in the working technical compilation, the elements resulting from the execution works that may be missing

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