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F&R House

This house is born from the client's desire to combine the spheres of privacy with the need for assistance to close relatives who are not fully autonomous.

Each house is accessed separately, through separate entrances, and can, at any time, become a single house, simply by opening a sliding door, without any division being noticeable (absolute continuity).

The house is filled with natural light, as is characteristic of our projects. In the kitchen, in addition to the windows, we have included a skylight, which provides diffused zenith light over the kitchen island.

The coating on the façade reflects the characteristics of the buildings in the village, where white color and granite stone stand out.

The simple but varied volumetry creates a succession of solids and voids, generators of shadows, which, associated with transparencies and the use of natural materials, adjust to an effective landscape integration.

A very rich interior spatiality, with a frank and varied relationship with the exterior.

A contemporary language, with a judicious game of transparency, full and empty, light and shadow, embodies a vast functional program with generous areas.



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