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architecture projects



Traçado Regulador performs and/or coordinates all the projects necessary for the construction, such as:




Water and Sewerage Networks;

Electric network;

Gas Network;

Ventilation and Air Conditioning;

Mechanical installations;

TV and Telecommunications;




Exterior arrangements.

Besides technical detail, we attach a great focus on the needs and desires of our clients, so we can integrate them on creative solutions. Our experience in the field of construction allows us to optimize the design solutions, making them more efficient, easier to execute and reducing their costs. The technical capacity of the Traçado Regulador has made it capable on reaching the highest standards in the project.

Our services may include:

Topographical surveys;

Geological and geotechnical studies;

Intervention proposals for the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of real estate;

Previous studies;

Preliminary draft;

Implementation projects;


Coordination of projects;

Specification and preparation of tender documents.

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