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building inspection



When housing conditions deteriorate, mostly due to the presence of moisture in floors, walls and / or ceilings, it is common to use the services of a construction company, leaving the diagnosis and the proposed solution in their hands.

The objective of this company will certainly be to minimize the risks of failure and the increase of its profit, that is to say, not knowing with rigor the origin of the problem, will carry out more work than the actually necessary.

If we ask for quotes from different companies in this situation, we will easily find that the solutions proposed are different and it is difficult, if not impossible, to compare their budgets.

Sometimes, when the work is completed, the pathology persists or reappears after a short time.


What is an inspection?

The inspection of a property consists in the survey of all the pathologies and defects of construction, caused by poor execution or use or by the natural wear of the materials, in the correct diagnosis of the causes and in the proposal of solutions for the restoration of the habitability conditions.

The pathology survey is carried out using analysis and measurement instruments, and the collected data are processed by computer technicians and interpreted by specialized technicians.

The result of the inspection will be embodied in a technical report that includes:

1 - Registration of pathologies and defects of construction;

2 - Diagnosis;

3 - Proposal for solutions.


Why inspect?

1 - To clearly identify the origin of the problems of the property;

2 - To establish the most correct solutions;

3 - To reduce repair costs;

4 - To establish priorities for intervention;

5 - To know a property before acquiring it;

6 - To value the property that you intend to sell;

7 - To take legal action.


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