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Social Facilities

Nurcing Home for Elderly, Day Care Centre and Home Care Support in Samora Correia

This equipment was designed under PARES 3 program and includes an Nurcing Home for 64users, a day care center for 40 users and a Home Care Service for 40users.

With a total area of 3.360 sqm, controlling the scale of the building, the insertion in the involving, namely, the relationship with the natural environment and with the built environment.

The 3 valences are articulated through a common service area, consisting of a kitchen, staff room, staff changing rooms, laundry and complementary areas.
The equipment has separate entrances for staff, users and visitors of the Home, users and visitors of the Day Center and for goods.

Each of these entrances will have a disinfection tunnel. The separation of circuits described above, as well as the placement of disinfection tunnels, aims to minimize potential contagion in a pandemic situation, or an infectious outbreak, which could endanger the health of users, employees and visitors.

In addition to the spaces required by law, an isolation space was created, next to the medical office and infirmary, for additional isolation that cannot be satisfied through a standard room, or for patients in need of special care, and a space for physiotherapy, which is recurrently needed for elderly people with loss of mobility.
The energy efficiency of the building was a dominant concern, either through natural light illumination of all spaces, including circulation spaces below the threshold level, or through effective thermal insulation that avoids thermal bridges and contemplates low thermal transmission coefficients , or even through a correct articulation of energy systems, which included alternative energy sources (solar thermal and solar photovoltaic).



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